The Story Behind Edumanna

I get bothered every time I check the category list of some major service providing sites and can’t find EDUCATION. Right here we are making it the only ITEM on the LIST because it actually has much more to offer than any other category.


EDUMANNA.COM from the word ‘EDUMANNA’ is a community site built with the aim of tweaking and increasing the frequency of Educational activities going on around us. By tweaking, we have built a community of experienced teachers who are called VIRTUAL COACHES and are willing to help students get professional touches on the various subjects each of us teaches. Being a VIRTUAL COACH simply means we are available via WHATSAPP to answer all your disturbing thoughts and questions on your school subjects as well as willing to handle your school assignments proficiently in a bid to help you learn from it the best way.

Without being verbose, our VIRTUAL COACHES consist of highly qualified and experienced personnel in those subjects each of them covers.

Beside the use of whatsapp, we allow learners customize their learning experience with us the best way they are comfortable with. As a matter of facts, our KIDS KITS [for pre-nursery and nursery kids] have nothing to do with whatsapp because the tools are too sophisticated not to be in a web environment.

Virtual Education refers to instruction in a learning environment where teacher and student are separated by time or space, or both, and the teacher provides course content through course management applications, multimedia resources, the Internet, videoconferencing, etc.

As a community site, we also offer services to parents who are in need of home tutors and to schools who are in need of teachers even in those subjects that are rarely offered in schools for lack of teachers. We make it happen by allowing teachers register with us for free while we look forward to making them discovered by the appropriate employees. We also do our best possible to ensure the teachers are not fag but have what it takes to satisfy their employers. Besides, we leave all monetary negotiations between the teachers (home/school) and their employers; although we can suggest or advice if we are called into the negotiations.

Count us in for anything educational (formal). Hence, we also create connections between schools and all the personnel required to run the school. We have registration forms for Administrative officers, Principal Officers, Lab. Attendants, Librarians, Matron, Consultants, Children Counselors, Nanny, Store keeper, Bursar, Book Supplier, Chaplain, etc. This was done in a bid to help schools easily reach them whenever they are needed.

As a community site, we made the business of the site an affair of everyone through the MANNA CODE. As the admin, my reasonable gains simply come from how far I am able to push my MANNA CODE while advertising the site. Everyone else in this community is expected to do the same with the same rights and privileges as the admin of the site. You can earn as much as you want by telling others about our site through your MANNA CODE. Learn more about MANNA CODE at

We have plans to greatly impact the world of Education especially in Nigeria where we are starting from. This will be through your supports, contributions, suggestions, comments, criticism and otherwise.

For now we are looking forward to engaging the forth-coming JAMB students in a PROGRAMME that will make a difference for them. We shall commence this by September 1st through December 31st; then the next phase will commence from January 1st 2020 until JAMB exam date. Details about this will be communicated as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading; we hope you will join us make Effective Teaching & Learning go around.

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