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Virtual education refers to instruction in a learning environment where teacher and student are separated by time or space, or both, and the teacher provides course content through course management applications, multimedia resources, the Internet, videoconferencing, etc.

This makes the students and teachers interaction more resourceful as Assignment, Book, Chat, Database, Feedback, File, Folder, Forum, External tool, Glossary, Lesson, Quiz, Survey, Wiki, Workshop, etc can be incorporated, as much as needed, in the teaching and learning process.

Each of the tools mentioned above among others not mentioned brings certain level of uniqueness into the educational process. For example; the Quiz tool has several options which are selected based on the teacher’s discretion and knowledge of usage. A teacher may have to use Multiple choice, True/False, Matching, Short answer, Numerical, essay, Calculated, Calculated multichoice, Calculated simple, Drag and drop into text, Drag and drop markers, Drag and drop onto image, Embedded answers (cloze), Random short-answer matching depending on what kind of feedback experience he intends to take his students through either at the beginning, during or end of a lesson.

Therefore, the need for teachers to be aware and become experts in the usage of these tools cannot be over-emphasized. In essence, this will give teachers a wider range of options for innovative lessons and give the students/learners a more fulfilling experience.

For the Virtual Coaches at EDUMANNA, our major Virtual Instrument is our Phone having the Whatsapp App. We choose to use this but are nonetheless restricted to it in anyway. Now we can easily share photos of our note pages and solved problems with our virtual students among other features.

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